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Mastery of the Art and Science of Prayer

This book is a study of the Art and Science of prayer from the Eastern concepts of prayer as related to the seven charkas. We make sense of them from a Christian point of view. We dissolve the mystery of the charkas and make them very practical and easy to understand. Each chakra has a unique gift of wisdom and a special blessing to share for those who look. This book helps you unlock those treasures.


This book is non denominational. It is designed to blend the Eastern and Western concepts of prayer so you can find and receive your hearts desires, which is your real prayer.


Available for purchase: $10.95


To Order, call 377-315-6613

The Art and Science of Energetic Healing

This book has to do with energetic/spiritual healing, and the science of how it occurs, and not any religious beliefs associated with seemingly miraculous healing. It contains wisdom and concepts that were being lost and forgotten. This book consolidates these many fragments and added pearls of ancient knowledge to bring to light the art and science of spiritual healing.


There is an anatomy, a physiology, a philosophy, a cosmology, and a science that comprise spiritual healing, and they all work within the accepted laws of neurology, acupuncture, metaphysics and energetics to explain the wonders and workings of spiritual healing. It is logical, reasonable, predictable and reproducible which makes it a science.


Spiritual healing is a method that can assist you in your journey back into the sacred heart of God. Spiritual healing is a means to acclimate you into your spiritual evolution. It will ground and anchor your spiritual enfoldment into your soul/mind/body.


This book will introduce you to the science of spiritual healing that will open up for you worlds of happiness, joy and love. You will meet the tremendous power of soul, the marvels of the energy of consciousness, and the magnifiance and wisdom of the body.


It will assist you in releasing emotions and thought patterns that are restricting your capacity to allow the flow of Divine spirit through you. This flow brings wonderful things into your life.


Once you understand the science of spiritual healing you will know how to use it to not only heal your body, but to heal your soul, your spiritual heart, and your connection to the universal life current

Available for purchase: $42.95


To Order, call 377-315-6613

Acu Kinesoilogy

This could possibly be the most important book you ever read concerning the quality of life in the domain of your health and your spiritual connection to Divine Spirit.


For every physical ailment there is an energetic pathology involved.  It is impossible to get maximum correction in the shortest period of time without addressing this energetic element.  Most people in America are uneducated about this energetic element. This book will introduce to you your energetic self through the four components of the Acupuncture System.


There are numerous energetic healing modalities used around the world based on the principles of the Acupuncture System.  Most of these modalities use the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture as its foundation. Acu Kinesiology is the system based on the principles of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, which is the main operating system of Acupuncture. Acu Kinesiology also integrates the Chakra System and the Musculo-tendeno Meridians System into the equation.  This accounts for not only the speed of recovery, but also its longevity.


This books introduces to you healing from the holistic principle that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. This book will show you how your energetic self is associated with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.  The quality of your life is determined by how good you feel in these relationships to your energetic self.


The more you are in tune with the flow of Divine Spirit through your energetic self the better the quality of your well-being.  This book will also introduce to you how Acu Kinesiology helps release the contraction caused by these energetic pathologies so you can feel better.

Available for purchase: $10.95

To Order, call 377-315-6613

Acu-Kinesiology Manuals and Charts

These manuals and charts are for the students registered for the class.

Each manual cost $52.95. The text book for the class is "The Art and Science of Energetic Healing"  for $42.95.

Each Chart cost  $32.95 per chart or all three for $99.95

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