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You will Feel Better and Help Others Feel Better                   You will Save Your Hands


                                       Acu-Kinesiologyy Seminars

         It is highly recommended that you find a partner to take the course with.

              Practice and repitition is the key to learning Acu-Kinesiology.


These seminars are very rich in information and a must have method for treating spinal stiffness and spasms. They present the patent pending Acupressure Method of Acu-Kinesiology. It is a treatment method for those who do not respond to or in lieu of drug therapy or spinal manipulation as well as for those who are afraid of acupuncture needles and spinal manipulation.


You will have 100% confidence that you can help any and all types of spinal spasms and stiffness that comes into your office. In meridian Therapy there is a saying "You are as healthy as your spine is flexible." Acu-Kinesiology is also extremely effective helping all musculo-skeletal dysfunctions.


For the purpose of this seminar we will focus our attention on the eight extraordinary meridians. The primary focus is the relief of spinal discomfort, spasms and stiffness.


The eight extraordinary meridians are very musculoskeletal orientated specifically dealing with the muscles and articulations of the spine. Instead of dealing with all of the principles of the 12 ordinary meridians we will focus on the most relevant system to satisfy our needs as practitioners to rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system.


It is not the objective of the seminar to make you an acupuncturist. The primary focus will be to get an understanding of the foundation of the eight extraordinary meridians; and in so doing, to know their pathways, and there unique and special functions and characteristics, their defining and unique symptomology, and an effective clinical protocol to correct the pathology.


All of the clinical protocols are easy to learn and easy to utilize. There are no needles or any invasive procedures. It is very hands-on and the patient will love to be touched and most importantly will be very pleased with the clinical results, less pain with increase range of motion.


Seminar Logistics


Acu-Kinesiology Seminars have been taught for over five years. The seminars have undergone significant revisions as we continue to strive to improve the teaching methodology. Most of these improvements came directly from the suggestions of the students who attended the seminars. I always ask them for feedback after each seminar, specifically on how I can improve the presentation, communication and learning experience.


As a result, I have developed 6 modules for the Acu-Kinesiology Seminars and developed it into an on-line course. Each session consists of two or three steps of Acu-Kinesiology and one of six sections of manual muscle testing. This is combined with two three-day classroom instructions with hands-on learning. The final day of the second three-day will focus on review for the certification test.


The training material itself consists of Power Point presentations and workbooks. It includes a procedure manual with flowcharts. There is also a manual with pictures and written instruction for the Manual MuscleTesting protocols.There are also video productions which include both academic information and the practical application of the 13 step protocol. I provide charts to supplement and to be used as teaching aids. Students experience firsthand the healing potential of this method because they act as both patients and providers as they give and receive treatments to each other during the learning process.


Acu Kinesiology


Dr. Richard Guidry, trained in the principles of Osteopathic, "old school" Chiropractics Energetic procedures and Acupuncture, has combined the methodologies to form his patent pending Acupressure Method of Acu-Kinesiology.


Acu-Kinesiology is based on the science of the Eight Extraordinary Meridian, the Musculo-tendeno meridians instead of Traditional Acupuncture Meridians. Since the primordial energy of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians are closely related to the energetics of the spine, spinal stiffness is an indicator that your primary energetic system is out of balance.


Within the philosophy, art, and science of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, is the integration of the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of man and how they are related to wellness and spinal stiffness. Acu-Kinesiology addresses these dysfunctions and is why the method is so efficient in the relief of spinal stiffness.. This acupressure method is a 13 Step Protocol. Each protocol addresses a specific disfunction of the Eight Exteaordinary Meridians or the Musculo-tendino meridians.


Acu Kinesiology uses Kindall and Kindall style of manual muscle testing as a diagnostic indicator that there is an energetic dysfunction within the acupuncture system. By applying the correct therapeutic protocol, you would correct the stagnation of Chi, restore proper function to the acupuncture system and cause the previous weak indicator muscle to become strong.

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