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Welcome to Our Seminars                                                          337-315-6613

You will Feel Better and Help Others Feel Better                 You will Save your Hands.

                           Acu-Kinesiology Seminars

                                            The Acu-Kinesiology on-Line 

It is highly recommended that you find a partner for the course. Repetition is the key to learning this method. A partner will make it fun and repetition will be less a concern.


The first segment will be four on-line classes followed by a three day hands on seminar either in Baton Rouge or Lafayette, Louisiana. Then there will be the second segment of another two on-line classes followed by the second three day hands on seminar. During the last hands on seminar there will be offered the certification test and practical examination for the opportunity to earn the distinction of "Certified Acu-Kinesiologist."

Each hands-on session consists of three eight-hour days consisting of classroom instructions and plenty of hands-on learning. The classes begin at 10 o'clock on Friday ending at 7 pm. On Saturday class will start at 9 o'clock and end at 6 pm. On Sunday we will begin at 8 0'clock and end at 5 pm. 


You will be given a password to each individual syllabus that will be good for three weeks. If you need more time you can take the syllabus again at the regular price. If you finish early you can start the next syllabus at any time. You will be given a new password for the new syllabus additionally the first password will still be available until the expiration date. The cost for each individual on-line class is $125.00.


You must take the first four classes to be eligible to take the first hands on seminar (Seminar A). This is necessary because this seminar is for practice under supervision to ensure you are performing the protocols and manual muscle testing correctly. It is expected that you did your homework before coming. You need to have a working knowledge of the steps before taking the seminar. Repetition with the availability of the teachers to answer any questions will enhance the learning curve. You will experience both giving and receiving the steps to give you plenty of practice as well as receiving first hand knowledge of the tremendous power and benefits of Acu-Kinesiology. You will feel the results as a client. Both ways offer a unique learning experience. We want you to know the method.


The next two on-line classes will be available following the first hands on seminar. Again with these classes you will be give a password that will be valid for three weeks. This will be followed by the second hands on, Seminar B.


You must have taken the first four on-line classes and the hands on Seminar A to be eligible to proceed to the final on-line classes and the second hands on Seminar B.


Only one hands on Seminar A is required to continue to the next advanced on-line classes. These seminars will focus on the material of the first four on-line syllabus. The cost of a three day seminar is $599.00.


The second hands on seminar, Seminar B, will be on the agreed date by all.  The second three-day hands-on instruction and practice will include emphasis on the new Steps as well as integrating the first half to become familiar with the whole procedure.



                                            *******            *******

If you decide that you want to quit, you will be refunded at $599 minus $50.00 for bookkeeping and $200 for each day of attendance. After noon it will be considered a day of attendance. No one has asked for a refund as of today.


To register make check to Dr Richard Guidry and mail to 705 North Theater, St Martinville, Louisiana 70582. Credit cards are also accepted.  Please indicate what module you wish to pay for.


Phone 337-315-6613 or 337-277-2107 to register by phone and receive your password or if you have any Questions.


There is a one time charge of $200.00 for two manuals, the text book, and printed materials. (plus shipping and handling)

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If there is a group of four or more it is a possibility of me traveling to you instead of the group traveling to me for the hands on seminar workshop. It would be a financial help for the group. If interested call for details, 337-315-6613 or 337-277-2107.






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