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I have been a Chiropractor for over 30 years and an acupuncturist for over 10 years.  Over this long span of time, I have heard countless stories of people who are willing to have surgery and other outrageous procedures to alleviate chronic back problems, but will not go to a chiropractor because they are scared of spinal manipulation.  I have also are heard of many people who would not go to an acupuncturist because they are scared of needles.  Ironically, I cannot recall any stories of anyone who hesitates to go to a massage therapist who uses acupressure for treatment.


If you ask massage therapists and physical therapist what percentage of their patients complain mainly about neck or back stiffness and pain, the answer is about 80%.  The other 20% of their patients seek treatment for enjoyment, relaxation and general health. This statistic holds true for those who seek treatment from chiropractors and acupuncturists.

How many excellent healers who are massage therapist  massage an area of pain and stiffness with minimal results. If Acu-Kinesiology is performed first then the massage, your results would be exponentially better. You save your hands, the client feels better and your heart is happy because you have helped another client.


Today, there is an ever increasing number of people who are looking to alternative healthcare for the answers.  There is an ever increasing number of people who are looking for a cost effective method to provide relief.


  • There are thousands of people who do not have health insurance who endure neck and backaches that do not respond to any type of medication.  They surely cannot afford an orthopedic or neurological surgeon; neither can they afford a chiropractor, a medical doctor or physical therapy.  So where do they go to seek relief?


  • There are thousands of people who just do not feel good.  There are thousands of people who have a diagnosed condition but there is very little that can be done for them.  Every treatment which they have tried has yielded minimal to no results.  So where do they go?


  • There are thousands of people who are stressed, worried about their pocketbook and their future.  Stress is stored in the body and causes muscle tension and stiffening of the spine, not to mention other health problems.  Where do they go to get relief?


  • There are thousands of people who are in pain and the drugs they take just make them worse or cause them to experience diminished brain capacity and clarity.  What alternative is available for them?


  • There are thousands of people who are on Medicare receiving mediocre care and who encumbered with huge restrictions and limitations.  They have the money but cannot find the right system which can give them the results they seek and are capable of buying.  Where do they go?


  • And their thousands of people who are very affluent and would like to be pampered a new and different treatment to help them feel totally relaxed and would benefit directly from our pledge to 'Drop Their Shoulders, Relaxed Their Backs so They Will Feel Better".


  • There are thousands of people who know there is something missing in the healthcare delivery systems of America.  They are looking for something else; intuitively they know there must be some other form of treatment but what is it?

Acu-Kinesiology is the premier acupressure method for spinal pain. It is also extremely effective for all musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. It is based on solid acupuncture principles of the eight extraordinary meridians. It is different from traditional Chinese acupuncture and Chiropractic reflexology. This is what distinguishes it from mainstream health care which does not address the energetic system.

You can help where others can not. You will have a very effective healing tool to use along with your other modalities.


The acupuncturist who take the course usually excel because meridian therapy is their specialty and are already familiar with the points of the systems.


                       Target Market              Why Acu-Kinesiology?

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